I am using computer manipulation in conjunction with traditional techniques to produce images. I can paint on the screen using a light pen instead of a brush and, using Photoshop tools, images can be cut out and pasted to produce collâges. But there are many other things that can be achieved, such as changing transparency or the colour of an object as well as adding textures and using filters to alter the image. The final artwork is saved as a file and sent to Bob Law, specialist giclée printer, at Photoart GB, who skilfully produces it as a printed image. These are limited editions, printed on to Museum heritage 310 gsm archival quality paper with light-­fast inks. The file is destroyed after the allocated numbers are produced.

A certificate of authenticity is issued with each print, stating the number of the print as well as total number in the edition, the sizes of the prints, the type of paper and inks used and date of production. It is signed by both the printer and the artist. This ensures that the print being sold is of high quality and produced to the requirements of the artist.

I have chosen places that I find interesting, natural forms which I come across or plants I grow in my garden as a basis for the work.  Inevitably, life experiences which happen whilst creating these images seep subconsciously into the artwork.  

If you would like to purchase any of the prints please contact me at

Hogweed and Teasels‘ Limited edition of 50 prints Size 30 X 40 cms. £100

‘Purple Poppies’ Limited edition of 50 Giclee prints Size 40 x 40 cms £150

‘Ancient ‘ Limited edition of 50, available as A2 £250 and A3 sizes £200
Limited edition print.
Shadows of the Past Limited Edition of 50 prints two sizes : 28x40cm £150 and 42x60cm £175
‘Hydrangea’ Limited edition print of 50, 60x45cm, £260 and 48x36cm £180

I was getting concerned that my images were becoming a bit dark and too depressing, so I have started playing around with colour a bit more. I like the way plants look at night, lit by artificial lights or the moon and there is a beauty to their structure and the shadows they cast.

‘In the Night Garden’ Limited edition of 50 prints 25 at 30cm square £100 and 25 at 40cm £125
‘Norfolk Beach Huts’ Limited Edition of 50 prints 25 at 20x30cm £75 and 25 at 30x45cm £125
2 Darjeeling Postboxes – Limited edition of 50 prints, £100
“Lychnis and Spikes” Limited edition on 50, 37 at 23cm £80 and 9 at 18cm square available £60

All the prints available are printed on Permajet Heritage Museum Paper with the Epson Ultrachrome Inks. They are signed and numbered and each print also has a Certificate of Authenticity to minimise the possibility of buying a fraudulent copy. The copyright symbol and name will not appear on the prints. If you would like to purchase a print please contact me. Thank you.