Meanderings through Art and Gardens

I am an artist/illustrator based in Cambridgeshire, England, though I started life in India. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t draw. Unlike many artists I don’t seem to have a set style or even a preferred media, which I guess has its drawbacks. I have always liked using watercolours but these days I also utilise various drawing apps to create images and often I produce pictures using both techniques.

I enjoy print making and have tried etching, mono prints as well relief printing and stone lithography.

Plants and flowers are the main subjects of my work, which tends to be figurative rather than abstract. And I love gardening, designing gardens and growing plants. I see gardening as just another form of three dimensional art; structure, composition, colour and texture are all things that have to be taken into account when creating a garden in the same way as with a painting or print.

I am very fortunate to have a large garden to experiment in, and many of the plants I grow there end up being used as subjects of my artwork. The garden is fairly wild, and home to all sorts of creatures, some more welcome than others.

The image below, “Purple Poppies” is my most recent artwork, another giclee print, limited edition of 50. My husband particularly likes poppies and each year I scatter their seeds around the garden and wait to see which come up the following year. Some grow amongst the vegetables, others along the edges of paths and borders. The flowers are delightful, but the seed heads are just as beautiful, and I know that I am not the only artist who finds them irresistible to draw and paint.

“Purple Poppies”